Welcome to my Blog

A warm welcome to my blog.

A few months back I started my own firm, ‘Yagnavalky Center of Competency’. As the name implies, I will be working in the area of competency development in the Indian IT industry. The areas of my interest are Storage, Linux / Unix and Perl. I have been doing some work in the Storage area for corporates and educational institutions. It has been ‘so far so good’ till now. Given the current global scenario, need to see how things progress. In my opinion, this is the time to offer solutions which will have a positive impact for client’s business. Generic solutions may not find many takers.

I intend to blog about IT education in India, both in the educational institutes and corporates. I will also blog regularly about my favorite subject, Storage. And any other technical subject that catches my fancy.

Once again, Welcome to my Blog. I intend to update the blog at regular intervals. You can visit here on a regular basis or subscribe to the feed using your favorite reader.