Time to Invest. Time to help.

If you are thinking that I am talking about investing in stock market, forget it. I have never been an expert in that area. What I am suggesting now is to invest in yourself. There cannot be a better time.

Times are indeed tough now. Especially for people  in the IT industry. There is a sense of concern all around and people are very unsure about how long their jobs will last. For some, the uncertainty has ended, but unfortunately, so has the job. We hear companies coming up with many ‘schemes’ in order to keep the costs low. All of you would have read about how Satyam (Tech Mahindra now) is going to keep people on bench by paying them their basic salary.

These tough times can also be the time to invest. In yourself. It is time to upgrade your skills. What the current situation has taught people is that only people whose skills are valued in the market place have a chance for survival. So if you are a project manager, maybe you should get a PMI certification. If you are technically oriented, maybe you should see how your can upgrade your skills further and keep in touch with the latest happenings in your area. What I have seen in recent times is that people who are technically well qualified have not had a problem moving out of their current job and getting a new one. Though times may be tough for people financially , I would still urge people to invest some money and lot of time to upgrade their skills now. This is the best investment that can be made for the future. People who are enterprising in nature, should find this a good opportunity to start off on their own. When you are on your own, any time is tough time. Ask me 🙂

Tough times also means people need help. I have had lot of people, who have either lost their jobs or whose jobs are under threat contact me. I have tried my best to put them in touch with consultants that I know and referred them to friends I know in other companies. Given the sort of social stigma that gets attached to a loss of job, I think it is very important that we help out our friends in this hour of need. Do let people know about job opportunities that you come across. Put in a word for your friend or former colleague wherever you can. I can assure that every little gesture of yours in this direction will be highly appreciated by all concerned.

Let us hope the current situation is a temperory one. But don’t bet on it. Work smart, work hard and invest in upgrading your skills in order to beat these tough times. Or be bold enough to chart your own path.