CloudSiksha Completes 5 yrs


I am happy to let you know that CloudSiksha has now completed 5yrs of existence (on 28th Oct 2019) and we are in the 6th yr now. This happened on Oct 28th. I couldn’t post immediately as I was tied up with work.

It has been a great journey till now and as with any journey this comes with its own share of hopes, disappointments, effort and discovery. One thing I was sure when I started this journey was the Cloud would take over the world and that I should be prepared. I bet on AWS from day one and my belief has paid off.

As anyone who is quitting a job and venturing into doing something of their own would know, it is not easy. It is not easy in the beginning or is it easy later. It is a constant struggle filled with doubt as to how the business will grow, which way the market would move and how relevant we would be to the industry. This means we have to keep learning, keep ourselves updated and communicate constantly with the clients, both to let them know about your capabilities and to get a pulse on the market.

This journey has been successful because of some excellent partners that I had got, many of them now good friends of mine. They have helped me throughout and have kept faith in CloudSiksha. By God’s grace we have been able to deliver to their satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the client.

Lot of people keep asking me as to how it is to go all alone, to quit a high paying job and whether I make as much money as I was making in my job. My advice to them has always been the same. Moving out of a job and starting on your own is not just about money. It is about planning. Do you have a plan in mind? Do you know why you want to quit and what you want to start? The amount of money you make will depend on your plan and how to execute it. Ofcourse, a lot depends on market conditions, your efforts and some luck. The important thing about going alone is you decide on how much you want to earn. Once that is decided you need to plan accordingly. So a question like will I make same amount as my corporate salary doesn’t make sense. You can half or less of what you made earlier by being a freelancer and you can be happy about it or you can plan to build a enterprise where you will eventually earn double of what you were earning. Everything depends on your dreams, your plan and your efforts.

We started as a company teaching AWS Cloud. Later expanded to teach tools like Chef and Puppet. We also were involved in teaching IBM Cloud for a year. Later we expanded our courses to include Docker and Kubernetes. In the coming year we plan to enter the very big world of Big Data and if possible, Machine Learning. We want to be at the cutting edge of technology always. It takes enormous effort to get there but it is worth the effort.

Once again thanks to all my partners, my clients and especially to all my students. Wish you all the best and hope that our journey continues for many more years.