Cloud(ed) Management

It is usual that whenever newer technologies, techniques or paradigms emerge, there is a certain amount of confusion. On one hand these are generally held as a panacea for all ills that plague us. On the other hand, it is felt that this wouldn’t work for some reason or the other!! The truth generally lies somewhere in between. I remember the hype we had in my former company when we started work on a Bluetooth stack. At that time it was felt that every connection in the future would be Bluetooth. The hype died down and the team was disbanded before the world discovered the actual uses of Bluetooth !! Well, talk about getting the timing right !!

I think Cloud computing and Cloud storage are going through a similar phase now. You need to look into all sides of the argument to bet on how this will pan out in the near future. Thanks to all the various blogs by people from different companies and other articles, users are getting to hear multiple arguments.

Dave Graham, of EMC, has started a series of articles about Cloud Optimized Storage. I plan to follow them in order to get a good understanding of what this technology is all about. You too can read the article here and follow Dave’s future articles.

There was an interesting blog by Martin Glassborow, a Storage user, whose blog is titled ‘Storagebod’. He had a post which pointed out the lack of good management tools for managing storage. You can read his post here. A hard hitting post which elicited good responses with people sharing their storage management woes.

This leads to me thinking on how on earth are the Cloud companies going to manage their storage !! The Cloud company is going to manage multiple data centers. The cost effectiveness for the Cloud company comes from consolidating lot of storage and allocating storage in an optimized fashion. This is easier said that done. If the current tools do not allow for effective management of a data center of one single company, imagine what will happen when data centers of many companies are merged together in the cloud!! Things become even more complex when server virtualization is added to this mix. It will be interesting to see if any specific tools to manage the cloud will emerge or if the administrators of the cloud will have to do with the tools available currently. I am sure no one envies the administrators of the cloud.

An argument against the Cloud. Here is an article by Andi Mann, which questions the cloud from a security and compliance perspective.

Interesting times indeed. Interesting and tough. We will talk about the tough part in the next post.