Announcing CloudSiksha Academy

I am excited to announce that we will be launching CloudSiksha Academy on 30th September 2017.

We have been listening to the needs of myriad set of engineers: sysadmins, network admins, developers, engineering managers, senior executives and so on. Based on the feedback we received, we perceived that there is a need for an Academy which can focus on role based courses in technical areas. Hence this initiative of CloudSiksha Academy.

Our idea is to make you perform better in your role or if you so desire, to shift to a new role. We understand that the requirement is different individually. Some want to ensure they upgrade their skills to perform their jobs better and move up the ladder within the organization. Some find they are stuck in obsolete technology and want to shift to a place where exciting things are happening. Managers want to update themselves on new technologies, which will have an impact on their jobs. They want a holistic view and not a hands on training. Senior executives would be looking at how the newer technologies challenge them in terms of cost, people management, process change and so on. Ofcourse, there are people who are looking at jobs, be it the college freshers or experienced folks. It is important that we address the needs of each of the constituents in a unique way. Hence you will find modules in CloudSiksha Academy tailored towards various roles and just not towards certification.

What we also realized while talking to people is that each person has their own pace of learning and each person is more comfortable with a certain methodology. For example, some engineers who are already doing their job well don’t need person instruction. They are comfortable looking at videos and learning. While some are not so comfortable and would love to interact with an instructor and want to ‘attend’ a course. Whereas some others would watch the videos and then may want to talk to an expert to clarify their doubts. Keeping this in mind, for each of the roles we will have video based at-your-pace learning, blended learning and hand holding online classes. This will allow you to choose course based on the role and it will also allow you to decide on which methodology you will be comfortable with and choose that methodology for knowledge acquisition.

What courses with CloudSiksha Academy offer? What roles are we envisaging? What will be the duration of each course? What will be the fee?

Wait till 30th September 2017 to get all your questions answered. I can promise you that you will have some excellent deals when CloudSiksha Academy is inaugurated. Looking forward to your kind support to make this venture a success.

Watch this space for more details.