You succeed if your Eco-System succeeds


In my former company I prepared a deck for my CEO wherein he was to give a talk which went ‘you succeed only if your client succeeds’. The basic idea was that days of customer satisfaction, customer delight, customer ecstasy and similar synonyms were no longer applicable. It was clear that as a service provider we would win only if our client wins. If the clients are satisfied with your work but if that work doesn’t lead to clients succeeding in their business, eventually you will go out of business. To achieve this sort of synergy requires a high level of trust and a deep understanding of client’s business.

That was from a service provider angle where the service we were providing was more of offshoring client’s operations and ensuring cost reductions. Service providers like Amazon face a different type of challenge. The first step is to ensure that those who are direct customers succeed by using Amazon’s cloud services. The second step is to accept that Amazon alone cannot provide all the services that a client needs and ensure an eco system around Amazon is built so that client has lot more choice. And all those choices have Amazon as their underlying layer.

Very often when I taking an Amazon AWS class I get asked about some features that participants would love to see in Amazon. While some of them will eventually be developed by Amazon and provided to the users but we must understand that even a company like Amazon will have a limit on resource when it comes to development. This is where building an eco-system helps as it allows other startups with agility to build tools and software which can be of use to the Enterprise. Amazon does a good job in their documentation (probably the most extensive and the best documentation I have seen on the web) and it becomes easy for startups to develop applications / software which are based on Amazon APIs. Once such tools and software proliferate, more and more customers will jump on to the Amazon bandwagon.

Recently I was talking to the CTO of Kumolus, Michael Salleo, about their product. I had seen their product during the AWS Conference. It was an impressive product. You can have a look at it here: It does quite a few things which many Amazon users want. You can see that you can get very good view of how your finances are spent and lot more management and deployment capabilities are present in the software.

That was just one example. Here is a link to a set of slides which talks about various tools / products which use AWS in one way or the other.

Hot Products from Amazon re:Invent 2014

They range from management software, security software, big data analytics, backup & DR and more. This gives an idea of the sort of products that are being built using cloud technologies. This is what will ensure that Amazon, Azure and other cloud providers will win in the longer run. In other words, you have to put in effort and money to help those who depend on you and you have to ensure they succeed. So that in the long run you succeed.