Reaching the first milestone & New Initiatives


Last week we achieved what I consider to be our first milestone. We have now trained more than 1000 engineers. The number stands at 1030 and may go up by another 20 by the end of the year. This has been achieved over a period of 2 yrs and 2months. It is always a good feeling when you can train people and training more than 1000 of them does give you a sense of satisfaction. This is just the beginning. There is lot more to be done. When it comes to training, there is no end goal. You go on educating people as long as you are in business.

We have started some new initiatives. I have already blogged about our video initiative. We are now launching ‘Startup Siksha’, an initiative to help the startups. I have run a startup myself and have also been a part of a startup. So I understand the need to startups to get their people upto speed in new technologies in a cost effective way. Generally startups rely of people educating themselves and coming upto speed soon. This works in some cases and in some cases may not be very effective. In the complex world of cloud, an initial formal education can yield good dividends. Keeping in mind, the cash constraints of startups, we offer ‘Startup Siksha’. The main features of this initiative are:

– Offered at a very special price

– Online training for two days (Weekdays or Weekends. Most startups prefer weekends)

– Will accommodate upto 5 engineers

– Study material and Lab material will be provided

– A session on how to take up the certification exam

– Sample certification questions will be provided

We have already trained startups like RazorThink, EZDC, Aptus, Techwave etc on AWS and we have seen the people trained by getting certified as AWS Solution Architect Associate and AWS Developer Associate.

If you are a startup, you can write to me at to know more details.