How do you keep up with technological advances?

This is a question I get asked almost every day. This post tries to answer this question and give you an idea of what tools/sites I use to keep myself updated.

One of the main challenges all of us face today is the pace at which technology is changing, new features which get added, new software which suddenly picks up speed and new architecture patterns that come up. How do you deal with this? The single answer I have is: with lot of hard work and discipline. There are no short cuts here.

I am going to give you an idea of the sites I follow and the tools I use to keep myself updated. First, I am more a reading person than a seeing/listening person. In the sense that I love to read articles and update my knowledge than hear podcasts or see videos. So what I am going to suggest are links to blogs and articles. Which means you need to read. If you are a podcast kind of person, then I don’t have much for you as of now except for a couple of links. Probably maybe some time later.

The tools that I use to get info are Feedly and Twitter. I use to be a great fan of Google Reader and felt bad when Google shut it down. After that I shifted to Feedly. I find it quite nice. Below are some of the sites I follow using Feedly:

First AWS based blogs


Google Cloud Platform


Another way to keep yourself updated is to subscribe to some newsletters. The ones I subscribe to are the following:

  • DZone: They have newsletters for various subjects: Java, DevOps, Containers and so on. They give good information and you also get some nice free e-books as well. I would recommend signing up for their newsletter. The website is here:
  • Thorn Tech: If you are really looking at some articles which talk about actual implementations implementing AWS, ThornTech is a good site to follow. Subscribe for their newsletter. I have read some very interesting and informative articles at this site
  • RightRelevance: This is another site, whose newsletter gives you lot of consolidated information. You can check them up here:

Twitter is another platform which I use to keep myself updated. You should follow all the aws handles, azure handles, google handles as well as people like @jeffbarr, the AWS evangelist. Once you get onto twitter, you will get to know the handles to follow. Alternately, you can follow me on twitter @suresh_csiksha and then follow whomever I follow.

As I said, it is not about knowing these sites or following them or subscribing to the newsletters that will keep you updated. You have to make time to read those articles.

Disclosure: I have no connection with any of the websites I have quoted here. I don’t know who runs them. I have used them and benefited from them and hence I am putting them here.