AWS Enterprise Summit 2015 Bangalore

AWS Enterprise Summit

I attended the AWS Enterprise Summit held at Ritz Carlton in Bangalore. Due to prior engagements I was not able to attend the second half of the summit. Here are some observations about the summit.

1. Amazon will be coming to India soon. They are building infrastructure in India and they will have multiple Availability Zones in India by 2016. I think there was a news article on this a few days back. This news was confirmed in this summit.

2. Hybrid Cloud or shall I say On Premise Data Center + Cloud will be the way the Enterprises would be going in the future. This is what many in the panel discussion said. It is difficult, if not impossible, for large enterprises to ignore their legacy systems and hardware. These are very difficult to move to the cloud. Hence the legacy hardware and software will exist on-premise and newer applications will run from the cloud. This co-existence will remain a reality for quite some time.

3. A Gartner Quadrant diagram was displayed. It was stated that the compute power of Amazon was 10X more than that of all the companies put together (in the same quadrant). That is quite impressive and tells us about the scale of Amazon.

4. The partner showcase was impressive with some innovative products on display. The partner exhibition gave an idea on how the eco-system around cloud is developing and how Amazon’s growth is spanning a lot of innovation from other companies and thus ensuring more companies grow in the Cloud services area.

5. There were companies which are into consulting, companies which are into disaster recovery, companies which are into products and more. All of them partnering with Amazon. I was particularly impressed with the product from ‘kumolus’ . The interface was good and was very easy to operate. You can check out their product here:

6. Was talking to UmaShankar, VP, Delivery for Cloud Kinetics We were discussing about how Cloud has now ushered in a need for multi faceted personalities in the Admin area. In order to be a good Solution Architect for Cloud based services, it is not enough if the person is only a Server Admin or Network Admin or Storage Admin. She / he has to be all these. So to all the admins out there: if you want to move to cloud, expand your skills.

7. Some general observations:

a) The crowd was impressive. It gives an idea of how much interest exists for Cloud and its march in India is inevitable

b) The hotel was small for this crowd size

c) The percentage of women overall was very less. No idea on why it is so

d) Was good to see m friend and former colleague KKV present a case study on behalf of Azim Premji foundation. Couldn’t get to meet him though.

e) Met another colleague, Varada, who is now with ‘ifruid labs’